Launching Your Journey Toward Confidence and Conviction

Teens have ideas, but sometimes they don’t know how to talk about these passions with others. 

EXPRESS is an easy-to-use, faith-based online curriculum designed to teach basic communication skills to high school students. Students will develop their own voices and learn how the way they communicate in everyday life has the potential to transform and serve those around them.

  • Engaging, Interactive Lessons & Discussion
  • Modeling
  • Guided Practice
  • Short Instructional Videos


  • Teens


  • Start Date set by purchaser of group ticket
  • Ten-lesson curriculum
  • Two 50-minute lessons per week


  • Group package for 1 instructor and 5 students
  • $647 USD
  • $47 USD for additional students


  • Includes 5 student seats and 1 Instructor. The instructor will offer classroom, grading, and tech support for your students. 
  • Includes Coaching with Success course for the instructor ($97 value)
  • Includes a 1-hour set-up consultation with Academy representative, a $40 value
  • Includes a 1-hour grading-support consultation with Academy representative, a $40 value
  • Includes an Orientation Course for each student and instructor, a $25 value per person
  • Teacher's Guide free with the purchase of course
  • Includes access to the ICC Academy Library
  • Includes Everyday Conversations, a 12-week email series
  • The instructor has access to online content thru December 31, 2019.


After you have successfully registered your EXPRESS course (includes 5 student seats and 1 teacher seat), an Academy representative will contact you to:

  • set up your first consultation
  • verify that you have been given your email address
  • enroll your 5 students
  • see if you'd like to enroll additional students


Students will. . .

  • Develop personal passions and talk about them with others through course assignments, discussion, and presentations
  • Practice the art of conversation, interviewing, presentations.
  • Encounter real-world communication challenges including conversation, interviews, limited-preparation speaking, and storytelling
  • Learn to draft, revise, and deliver a speech
  • Give and receive constructive feedback within a safe environment


Listen to a brief EXPRESS Overview.

Watch a Welcome Video.

Watch a Short Video from Lesson 1.

Hear Transformation Stories from a Malaysian Learning Centre who used EXPRESS.